What actually happens at an Odd Job

We realize before posting a job you may be thinking “What is an Odd Job?” or “What actually happens at an Odd Job?”, so we created this helpful guide for you. This does not include the steps to posting and confirming an Odd Job, so if you’re looking for that information, check out our customer information pages. 

Step 1: The introduction

Once an OddJobber arrives at your job’s location (usually your home or business) they’ll greet you and introduce themselves. In an ideal world (global pandemics aside), each job begins and ends with a handshake. Given the current state of affairs, alternatives such as a wave or elbow bump will suffice in place of a proper handshake. This is the perfect opportunity to get to know your OddJobber a little bit before the work actually starts. Ask them about where they’re from, what school they go to and what they’re studying, or anything else you might like to know before starting. 

Step 2: Run through

Your OddJobber should have a pretty good idea of what they’re going to do based on the job description and details you provide, but make sure to run them through exactly what you’d like done. If possible, we recommend giving them an example to follow so expectations are clear. If you’d like your hedges trimmed a certain length, show them once so they can easily replicate it for the rest of the job. 

Make sure to show them:

  • Where they should put yard waste or other garbage
  • Examples of how much should be trimmed - lawn, shrubs, bushes, and small trees. 
  • The best way to contact you if they have a question
  • Anything they need to be careful of - water lines, power lines, fragile antiques, etc… 

Step 3: Tool Time

Hand over the tools and let them get to work. If your OddJobber will be using any motorized tools such as a lawn mower or weed whacker, make sure they are in good working order before your OddJobber arrives. Make sure you have plenty of gas, charged batteries, and other materials they might need. 

Something to remember: OddJobbers do not bring their own tools or equipment


  • What if I don’t have the tools or materials, can I still use OddJobbers?
  • If you don’t have the tools or materials for your Odd Job yet, we can still help you. We’ve put together a list of local businesses that you can rent or buy the required tools and materials for your Odd Job. Just make sure you have them ready before your OddJobber shows up! Click here to see local partners.

Step 4: The work

Not much to say here. You explained and showed them what to do. Now let them do it. Your OddJobber may have a question or two during the job, and we recommend you be as responsive and available as possible for best results. 

Step 5: Work review

Go through what your OddJobbers have worked on and make sure you’re satisfied before they leave. We’re sure you’ll be happy with the results, but if something isn’t up to par, give your OddJobbers a chance to make a correction.

Step 6: Until Next Time

Thank your OddJobber for the great work and say goodbye. End everything with a final elbow bump and they’ll be on their way. Your OddJobber will invoice you for the appropriate amount of time through so no cash needs to change hands. Leave them a review on their profile, and leave us a review on Facebook and Google! We’ll see you soon for the next project.