John C.

College: Gonzaga University

Year: Senior

Major: Biology, Spanish

Hometown: Santa Cruz, CA

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About Me

Hi I'm John and I am excited to see what projects I can help you with! Growing up my dad had a large carport and my friends and I constantly engaged ourselves with fun projects (Box cars to race down hills were the best idea we had until Ryan Crashed into the neighbors Car!). For the pat 4 years I have been studying at Gonzaga University I have immersed myself into studying the wonders of biology and perfecting my Spanish skills. I started a project in the bio department to study the affects of microplastic fibers on amphibians and macroinvertebrates. This research is FASCIANTING and I like talking about it if you are interested. Outside of school I love to cook (personally and for a program that repurposes "food waste" for the Spokane community), fish, backpack, and explore the great PNW. The only way for me to support my hobbies and school is by staying organized (great at cleaning ;) ), and by being prepared. I bring a good attitude to the work I do and am proud of the things I accomplish. I look forward to seeing where I can help out!

Career Aspirations

Graduate research for the toxicological effects of Microplastics!

Jobs I Like

Just about anything! I like working with my hands, and taking on challenging projects. If I don't know something then my curiosity, determination and help from google make it possible. To often I distract myself with round about projects (building bunk beds, indoor gardening set up, and mobile solar pannels) in order to get a break from school. Give me a purpose and let me help you the best I can!


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