Booking an Odd Job

Frequently asked questions

How do I schedule a recurring job?

Currently, when you enter a recurrence type in your booking, we do not create any additional bookings on your behalf. However, we will notify in the future with your requested recurrence to book again with a simplified check out process.

How do I book an Odd Job for someone else?

In order to book an Odd Job for someone else, you will need to know some of their information. Select the details of what they need done choose a time slot that works for them. If you would like to be contact for the job, create your own account as if you were booking the job for yourself.If you are not the contact for the job, enter the contact information of the person who will be responsible. In terms of payment, enter the payment info for whoever will be paying for the job.

How do I book an Odd Job?

To book an Odd Job, head to and click "Create a Booking."

How do I hire a student?

Hiring an OddJobber is as simple as [creating a booking]. Enter the details of your job, choose a time slot that works from you. We'll send you the best OddJobber we can to help you get your job done.

Why do I have to add payment before the job takes place?

We ask that customers provide payment information before their Odd Job to prevent any fraudulent activity on the platform.

I don’t know how long my job will take. How should I estimate it?

We have several project guides that can help you estimate the time your job may take. If you can't find what you're looking for there, just give your best guess. You will only pay for the time that your job actually takes. If you estimate low and you need more help, you can always book OddJobbers for another time!

Who is responsible for tools and materials?

Because every OddJobber is a local college student, they don't bring tools and equipment with them. Unfortunately, they don't make dorm closets big enough to store tools in. Therefore, we ask that our customers provide the necessary tools materials and equipment required to complete their Odd Job.

What if I can't provide the supplies for my job?

If you don't own the tools required for your Odd Job, we can still help you out. We've included links on most job pages with the tools you'll need to complete. For durable tools you don't wish to purchase, we recommend renting from a local hardware providers like Lowe's or Home Depot.