General Information


College students do not have their own tools, so we ask that you provide all the necessary materials to complete your job (ie. cleaning supplies, shovels, rakes, etc…)


Choose a specific date or date range for when your job can be completed. Your job will be closed when the date or date range has passed but you can always edit your job after it’s posted.

Fast & Easy Payment

We’re a cashless platform so you don’t have to worry about getting exact change or withdrawing cash. Students will request to charge your card after completing your job and you’ll have 48 hours before funds are withdrawn to ensure transaction accuracy.

How It Works

Step 1: Post your Odd Job

Click “Post an Odd Job” and fill in the details of what you want done. You’ll have an account on our site and input your credit card details so that you can pay when the job is complete.

Step 2: Connect with a Student

A student who’s interested in completing your Odd Job will contact you according to your contact preference and schedule a time that works for both parties. You can work with them directly to confirm details and arrange a recurring job if you want to work with them again.

Step 3: Job Completed

When the job is complete, students will confirm with you the hourly rate and number of hours they worked. They’ll input the information into our site and your card will be charged 48 hours later after you’ve had the chance to review the transaction.

What to know before posting on OddJobbers

  • OddJobbers, Inc. is not an employer of the students who complete Odd Jobs, we simply connect independent college students who need to make money with customers who want things done for less.
  • We cannot 100% guarantee that a student will take your job but always do our best to have enough students to fulfill every request. Consider making your job post more attractive to students by offering to pay for travel time, offering a higher rate, or posting a recurring job.
  • We are a cashless platform which is why we need your credit card information before your job is posted. Students do not have access to your private info and you will have a chance to review any pending charges to ensure accuracy. It is against our Terms of Use to pay students in any other way than over our platform.
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