Dog Poop Removal

You've got the goodest boy in the whole world. You love every part of having a dog, from the walks to kisses, except for the part about picking up the poop. Well now you don't have to worry about it. OddJobbers will come over to pick up after your pet. Whether you need someone to remove your pet's waste just once, or come by once a week for a whole year, there's an OddJobber who can help you out. Plus, since they'll already be over, hire your OddJobber to take care of some yard work for you too.

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How it works

A step by step explanation

01. Book

Click “Book an OddJobber” to tell us what you need and choose an available booking slot.

02. Contact

You'll be able to contact your OddJobbers before the job. Get in touch and confirm details.

03. Job

Your OddJobber will arrive on time and ready to work. Hand them the tools and let them get to it.

04. Payment

Your OddJobber(s) will submit their hours and you'll be notified before being charged 48 hours later.

05. Rate, Review, and Tip

Rate, review, and tip with just a few clicks after the job is completed.

Tools & Materials

You've got the tools, we send the team

Your OddJobber will bring work gloves and work-ethic, but we ask that our customers provide the tools and materials required to complete each job.  If you don’t already have the tools, we created a list of things that you’ll definitely need, and some that you might want.

Book Dog Poop Removal Help

The OddJobbers Guarantee

We strive to make every Odd Job better than you imagined it. If you aren't absolutely satisfied with your Odd Job, we'll make it right.

Protection Pledge

We're going to do a great job every time, but you can feel extra secure using OddJobbers that we will cover any damaged belongings up to $2,500 dollars.

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